Sunday, October 23, 2011

Poppy's Litter 11 weeks

Emmitt and Emma

(she is a 'mackerel' pattern and you will be able to see stripes in her coat, whereas the boys have swirls 'classic' pattern)

(Eli and Eton have a very similar pattern 'classic' as Emmitt, just in their color)

(he has a gorgeous swirl pattern that I will try to capture sometime)

(he looks like he has a stripe pattern, but he is a classic pattern. However, it appears he is going to shade like his dad and as he gets older you won't be able to see a pattern, just black tippings)

My plan for a video post failed. the loading isn't working so I'll keep playing with that. In the meantime, here are pictures taken today of the kittens. They are getting more bold and playing a lot! Emmitt and Emma look so much like their mother, but Emmitt does has more of the "wild" look like his dad. Eli has become one of the most people social and just waits for me to pick him up now. Emma...not so much. lol She's fine being held but her natural instinct is still to run first. Then she purrs when you catch you and pet her. Silly girl. Etton has become the laid back one and purrs like crazy when being pet. Emmitt does too but he and Eli like to be scratched closer to their bums while Emma and Etton like it under their chin.

I made a miscalculation and thought the kittens we coming up on 12 weeks, but they are 11. We will take them in for their spay/neuter when they are 12 weeks instead of this week. So, the boys will be able to go to new homes Nov. 5 or after and Emma Nov. 7 or after. It will depend on her actual spay date. We keep girls a week after because they have a more difficult surgery than the boys.

I'll keep working on the video. Sorry about this! I know it's disappointing. :(

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Poppy's Litter Update

Working on video for you guys. :) The little guys are learning so much from Poppy right now. It's time to let them start learning from the other adults. Every morning Poppy meows at me through the glass doors letting me know she's ready for new food! She likes "fresh" food and the sound of it going into her bowl, not the kibble that has been out all night and perfectly fine for anyone else. lol The kittens have no idea why they are meowing too, but they look up at her and all chorus together with only Poppy knowing what's going on. It cracks us up!

They are playing like crazy! Each one is so gorgeous I have no idea how the families are going to choose. Each one has become more and more outgoing. Two escaped the kitten room the other day and I had to run after their waddling bodies. :)

Spay/neutering coming soon and I will be contacting the families when they can take their new kitten home. We are looking at the first week of November if all continues to go well. We will be allocating the kittens this weekend. so look for your emails. :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Poppy's Litter 8 Weeks Old





The kittens are eating solid food quite well. They are very active but also sweethearts. Poppy is at the stage where she is trying to cut the apron strings, but they still love their momma and like to jump on her to try and get her to play. Emma is the worst about that. :) She is a little spitfire. she loves to play and always chasing and jumping on her brothers to play. Eton is the most outgoing boy. He is very curious and the first to come up to me when I'm in the kitten room. Ali and Emmitt are both sweet, but they fall in between outgoing Eton and super playful Emma. :) Eli and Emmitt weren't that happy for the photo shoot though. They look a little sullen, but are gorgeous boys. We will start letting them out into the main living area this next week and start introducing them to the other cats and being learning how to be a good cat.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poppy's Litter 6 Weeks Old

Brown classic boy

Brown mackerel girl

Black silver classic boy

Golden classic boy

The kittens are growing and looking cuter than ever! They are eating solid food although they are being really stubborn about weening. The litter training has begun. Playing and wrestling is the newest thing. I'll start taking video soon when they are climbing more and up to kitten antics.

The kittens will be going in for their first shots next week. They are all very sweet, laid back, and loveable. They don't mind being held at all. Not much of a personality difference yet, since they are all so sweet, but soon I'm sure we will start seeing a difference in play. The only thing right now I can see is the girl is very curious about everything like her mother.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Here is a link to more.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Poppy's Litter 1 Month Old

Golden Classic Male

Brown Classic Male

Brown Mackerel Female

Black Silver Classic Male

Poppy's kittens are coming along nicely. They are walking around like big kitties now. This week we will start them on wet food and start to ween them from momma. They are already drinking water. There still isn't much personality difference to really note, other than the brown classic male and golden classic male seem to be more laid back than the other two. All 4 are docile and let you hold them, they fall asleep on you, etc. But there is just a sense of calm about the other two boys. We are still observing for breed quality, so we don't know who will go as pets yet. This is such a lovely litter. The pictures still don't do justice. :) Poppy and Sebastian did well.

We hope you like the current pictures!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Poppy's Litter 2 Weeks Old

Brown classic boy

Brown mackerel girl

Golden classic boy

Black silver classic boy

Drago, 5 months old

Zain 9 weeks old

Zain at 8 weeks old

Zain 9 weeks old napping with Dimitri 5 months old

Gosh...things have been so busy here! I'm finally posting some pics of Poppy's babies. The pictures didn't come out as well as I'd like. I woke them from a nap and Poppy kept nudging my arm trying to get to her kittens. haha Next time I'll either take Poppy out or try a different room. Protective mommy. They are eating, sleeping, and growing right now. They are trying to scoot around on wobbly legs, but not too much going for 2 weeks old. :)

I'm also including an update on Drago. He is still available. If you are looking for a cuddling, sweet pet, he is perfect. Gorgeous red silver coat, it appears cream, but you can still see his classic pattern swirls. He will sit as your feet, look up, and wait for you to pick him up. He also likes to know what is going on and follows me around to "help" with dishes or picking up.

Zain is also now available as a pet. We were observing him for breeding but have decided he will make a better pet. He is quite independent and although he likes taking naps near you, he isn't much of a cuddler at this stage. Zain likes to play with anything that moves at this point. He has become best buddies with Dimitri from the last litter. ;) Dimitri is available for breeding.

Friday, July 22, 2011

D Litter 12 WKS and Zain 4 WKS

Dimitri, Daisy, Dante, Drago, Dulci, and Zain

Everyone had a successful spay/neuter this week and will be ready to go to their new homes next week! Playing and making messes is the name of the game in the Brazeal household right now. I've included a couple of pictures of Zain, the only kitten from Penny and Leo's litter. He is one month old today and growing into quite a looker. ;) You can see more pics of the kittens here. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"D" Litter 10 Weeks

All the kittens are doing well and VERY active. They are constantly attacking each other to play. lol We have pictures for you this week and will be contacting you to allocate kittens. They are going for their 10 week shots on Thursday and are scheduled for their spay/neuter appointment the following week. If all continues to go well, the kittens can go to their new homes the last week of July. :)

Blogger is not working well today, so I am not able to post pictures. But, you can see all the new pictures of the kittens here. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"D" Litter on the Cat Condo

I'm posting video of the kittens exploring the big cat condo. I was wondering when they were going to be bold enough to take it over from the adults and this past week was it. In one of the videos, you will see Caesar, Leo, and Karina on the condo with them and then give up. :) As you can tell, the kittens are after anything that moves or makes a noise, so Karina's tail swooshing was fair game.

Personality wise, all the kittens are growing into their own and much more assertive. Drago is still the most outgoing and comes up to you trilling when you enter a room to be picked up. Daisy is the next bold and is so nosy. That girl likes to know what is going on. Darren also calls her a little scrapper, as she will take one of her brothers on in a heart beat. Dante and Dulci are very similar, in that they are active, but not the leaders of the group. They play hard and are very sweet. Dimitri is still the most reserved and laid back, but will scrap too when jumped on. :) When they are all playing together, it is difficult to tell who is who. I caught them napping in one video, which spooked them, but you can see a little individual difference up close. That was the best way to get them in a shot close up. Otherwise, they are little monkeys and won't sit still for the camera. :)

Penny's little boy Zain is growing really well. He's a nice looking boy that I hope to get pictures of up soon. He is one week old and already growling when he smells an intruder! I've never heard a kitten so young growl, it was pretty amazing. lol He only did it twice after being woken up, but was actually very cute.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"D" Litter in Big Room

The kittens are growing up quickly! They are all out in "the big room" now with the other adult cats to watch and learn what it means to be a good cat. They are already mimicking the grown ups and following them around. It is so cute to see them try things out on their own. There is one big chair that is the "cat" chair, every single cat we have loves it. The kittens are no exception. They have taken it over in full force, lounging, playing, and napping.

They have started trilling, and I'm not sure which are doing it the most. I do know Drago has been trilling for awhile, the others I hear, but can't catch who! Drago has also taken to carrying the toy balls and feathers in his mouth, and walking off with them growling in his throat. It is the cutest things ever and very normal. lol There is always one that stands out from the litter personality wise and it's Drago! That boy has built in confidence and fun to watch. The other kittens take their cues from him too. When he does something, it must be OK to do it and they fall in. lol

In the videos below, you will get to see everyone at some point. They kept jumping around, so it was hard for me to keep track who was who (hard to do with all silvers!) Dimitri is the only one not as active in a couple of videos. He was lounging somewhere. I do have a video of him sitting by Barkley, all the kittens have taking a liking to her as a friend. The video wasn't very interactive, so it's not on here.

I will be taking more video and hopefully actual pictures. We will be in contact soon to allocate the kittens. Good news, Penny had a silver boy yesterday! We had to take her back to the vet for a c-section, but all is fabulous now!! We are quite relieved and very happy to have everyone settled. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"D" Litter First Shots

The kittens are doing well and growing. Personalities are holding steady the same, just a little bigger kitten. :) They are shaping up nicely, and we are holding Dimitri for possible breed quality. We will know more at 2 months old, as they can physically change somewhat.

The kittens had their first shots this past weekend. Everyone did really well, but wanted to pile on top of each other in the back of the carrier. You can see their little faces in one picture. lol

You can see more pictures of the kittens here. My Canon camera stopped working out of the blue this past week, so pictures are taken with my phone. Not ideal, but improvised. We will take video this week to see them in action. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

"D" Litter Playing

The kittens are very active and individual personalities are starting to take root. They love making messes now, making sweeping and straightening their room a daily occurrence! They like playing with the noisy balls, but they also play with their food the same way. lol The dry kibble is round shaped and they bat pieces around all over the room. *sigh* :) They are really good about eating and using the litter now, but just like little kids, they are messy!! Climbing has become a fun thing to do and of course, wrestling! You can see Drago and Dante wrestling in one video.

Drago: Still the most outgoing and prefers to climb on me while videoing instead of playing with the other kittens. He comes up to me as soon as I enter the kitten room and follows me around. :) He was the first to play with the ball toys and show the others what to do.

Dante: He likes to play and is some what curious when I come in. I think he could take me or leave me, but has no problems being picked up and held for a bit. He's a sweet boy and blends in with his siblings.

Dimitri: The most reserved of the litter. He plays but isn't the main instigator. He could watch and be happy just acting like a king and participating when the mood hits him. He doesn't mind being held either and just seems to take everything in stride.

Dulcie: She is similar to Dante. She likes to play and doesn't mind being held and blends right in with her siblings.

Daisy: She is the second most outgoing (very close to Drago) and comes up to investigate when I come in the room. She will be right after Drago when it comes to being nosy. :) She plays in the food the most, along with the scamp Drago, and they are the culprits for knocking kibble out in order to play with it around the room. She is a sweetheart though! She loves to be picked up and held high. She's often found sitting on top of the kitty condo sleeping or looking around.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"D" Litte One Month Photos






The kittens are growing and getting more curious by the day. Solid food hasn't gone as great as expected, but most will nibble some wet food. Daisy and Drako seem more interested in biting the site of the water bowl than drink form it. ;) We will introduce small kibble today and hopefully that will help. We are starting to see differences in each kitten now and I'm curious to see if it holds or if some change. :) Here is our take so far:

Daisy~ bu far the most outgoing. She is the first at everything. She is vocal when she wants to be picked up and doesn't appear to be afraid of anything. Sweet and bold girl.

Drako ~ He is right behind Daisy to try new things and bold. He likes to be held as well. He isn't as vocal as Daisy, but is very curious. He's more reserved in his demeanor, whereas Daisy is really a "girlie" kitten.

Dante ~ He is not as curious as his siblings. He will play with them and follow along, but not really a leader himself so far. He doesn't mind being held, but is more skeptical than the others. He tends to hang back and let you pet him at this point. We'll see how he matures. :)

Dulcie ~ She is similar to Dante except she is vocal when she is unhappy or nervous. She didn't like th 'photo shoot' and the new environment. She was ready to get back to momma and the other kittens. :) Again, we will see how she matures too. It's still early and lots to learn and become. :)

Dimitri ~ He reminds me of a reserved Russian bear. lol He takes everything in stride. He isn't outgoing, but not at all shy either. He doesn't mind being held or carried. He took the photos in stride, but kept walking toward me and the camera to be close rather than stay where I could take his pic. lol

I have more pics of the kittens on flickr here. If you are one the new families or current followers, please friend us there. There has been a problem with people stealing breeder's pictures and creating scam websites. It has been a huge issue trying to edit AND watermark all the pictures, so I'm hoping to bypass and just allow 'friends' on flickr to view all photos. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"D" Litter One Month Old

The kittens will be a month old this Sunday. Daisy, the light silver female, was the first out of the box today. When my mother-in-law came into the kitten room and started talking to them, Daisy immedaitely started chatting/meowing to her and just looking up at her to be picked up. She kept encouraging her and Daisy decided to come get to my mother-in-law herself and made it out of the box! It was adorable!! I caught her this evening escaping again in the video below. Mom Karina wasn't happy about Daisy being out of the box yet and took her back in! :) Drago, the red silver male, is the next to show the most interest in leaving the box. I'm sure by next weekend, there will be little kittens running around the kitten room.

We will start the weening process this weekend. Hopefully, the kittens will take to wet food quickly. along with "real" food, comes time for litter training too! Fun times ahead. :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

"D" Litter Two Weeks & Three Day Videos

Well, Blogger did "updates" and wiped out my original post with these videos. I'm attempting to restore and give you an update on the kittens. :)

In the videos below it is bathing and dinner time. You can tell the kittens are starting to be more aware and learn new things. They are learning to groom themselves too, which is just too cute at this age! Right now, Daisy (lightest silver kitten) seems to be the most active. She was the first to walk around in the box and is already aware there is a world outside the box! She tries to stand on her hind legs, but is still too small and doesn't have the muscle strength yet to climb up. It won't be long though I'm sure. :) I'm hoping they will stay my little captives another week or two.

Karina is a wonderful mother and there really isn't much I need to do. We have started holding them every day to get them use to being held and the 'human' smell. Other than walking on wobbly legs, rolling around, learning to play with each other, not much else going on this week. Enjoy the videos!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"D" Litter Two Weeks Old

Here are the first pictures of our Easter 2011 kittens! Their eyes just opened this weekend. They are crawling around the box and it won't be long before they are strong enough to try and escape it. Karina is doing very well, she is a wonderful mother. She doesn't even need me around! Other than sleeping a lot, eating, and trying the legs out walking, nothing new with the babies.

They are all a variation of silver. One girl is a very light black silver torbie (patched) and the other girl is a darker black silver torbie. We have two black silver boys and one red silver boy.