Saturday, June 25, 2011

"D" Litter in Big Room

The kittens are growing up quickly! They are all out in "the big room" now with the other adult cats to watch and learn what it means to be a good cat. They are already mimicking the grown ups and following them around. It is so cute to see them try things out on their own. There is one big chair that is the "cat" chair, every single cat we have loves it. The kittens are no exception. They have taken it over in full force, lounging, playing, and napping.

They have started trilling, and I'm not sure which are doing it the most. I do know Drago has been trilling for awhile, the others I hear, but can't catch who! Drago has also taken to carrying the toy balls and feathers in his mouth, and walking off with them growling in his throat. It is the cutest things ever and very normal. lol There is always one that stands out from the litter personality wise and it's Drago! That boy has built in confidence and fun to watch. The other kittens take their cues from him too. When he does something, it must be OK to do it and they fall in. lol

In the videos below, you will get to see everyone at some point. They kept jumping around, so it was hard for me to keep track who was who (hard to do with all silvers!) Dimitri is the only one not as active in a couple of videos. He was lounging somewhere. I do have a video of him sitting by Barkley, all the kittens have taking a liking to her as a friend. The video wasn't very interactive, so it's not on here.

I will be taking more video and hopefully actual pictures. We will be in contact soon to allocate the kittens. Good news, Penny had a silver boy yesterday! We had to take her back to the vet for a c-section, but all is fabulous now!! We are quite relieved and very happy to have everyone settled. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"D" Litter First Shots

The kittens are doing well and growing. Personalities are holding steady the same, just a little bigger kitten. :) They are shaping up nicely, and we are holding Dimitri for possible breed quality. We will know more at 2 months old, as they can physically change somewhat.

The kittens had their first shots this past weekend. Everyone did really well, but wanted to pile on top of each other in the back of the carrier. You can see their little faces in one picture. lol

You can see more pictures of the kittens here. My Canon camera stopped working out of the blue this past week, so pictures are taken with my phone. Not ideal, but improvised. We will take video this week to see them in action. :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

"D" Litter Playing

The kittens are very active and individual personalities are starting to take root. They love making messes now, making sweeping and straightening their room a daily occurrence! They like playing with the noisy balls, but they also play with their food the same way. lol The dry kibble is round shaped and they bat pieces around all over the room. *sigh* :) They are really good about eating and using the litter now, but just like little kids, they are messy!! Climbing has become a fun thing to do and of course, wrestling! You can see Drago and Dante wrestling in one video.

Drago: Still the most outgoing and prefers to climb on me while videoing instead of playing with the other kittens. He comes up to me as soon as I enter the kitten room and follows me around. :) He was the first to play with the ball toys and show the others what to do.

Dante: He likes to play and is some what curious when I come in. I think he could take me or leave me, but has no problems being picked up and held for a bit. He's a sweet boy and blends in with his siblings.

Dimitri: The most reserved of the litter. He plays but isn't the main instigator. He could watch and be happy just acting like a king and participating when the mood hits him. He doesn't mind being held either and just seems to take everything in stride.

Dulcie: She is similar to Dante. She likes to play and doesn't mind being held and blends right in with her siblings.

Daisy: She is the second most outgoing (very close to Drago) and comes up to investigate when I come in the room. She will be right after Drago when it comes to being nosy. :) She plays in the food the most, along with the scamp Drago, and they are the culprits for knocking kibble out in order to play with it around the room. She is a sweetheart though! She loves to be picked up and held high. She's often found sitting on top of the kitty condo sleeping or looking around.