Thursday, September 22, 2011

Poppy's Litter 6 Weeks Old

Brown classic boy

Brown mackerel girl

Black silver classic boy

Golden classic boy

The kittens are growing and looking cuter than ever! They are eating solid food although they are being really stubborn about weening. The litter training has begun. Playing and wrestling is the newest thing. I'll start taking video soon when they are climbing more and up to kitten antics.

The kittens will be going in for their first shots next week. They are all very sweet, laid back, and loveable. They don't mind being held at all. Not much of a personality difference yet, since they are all so sweet, but soon I'm sure we will start seeing a difference in play. The only thing right now I can see is the girl is very curious about everything like her mother.

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Here is a link to more.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Poppy's Litter 1 Month Old

Golden Classic Male

Brown Classic Male

Brown Mackerel Female

Black Silver Classic Male

Poppy's kittens are coming along nicely. They are walking around like big kitties now. This week we will start them on wet food and start to ween them from momma. They are already drinking water. There still isn't much personality difference to really note, other than the brown classic male and golden classic male seem to be more laid back than the other two. All 4 are docile and let you hold them, they fall asleep on you, etc. But there is just a sense of calm about the other two boys. We are still observing for breed quality, so we don't know who will go as pets yet. This is such a lovely litter. The pictures still don't do justice. :) Poppy and Sebastian did well.

We hope you like the current pictures!!!