Sunday, August 28, 2011

Poppy's Litter 2 Weeks Old

Brown classic boy

Brown mackerel girl

Golden classic boy

Black silver classic boy

Drago, 5 months old

Zain 9 weeks old

Zain at 8 weeks old

Zain 9 weeks old napping with Dimitri 5 months old

Gosh...things have been so busy here! I'm finally posting some pics of Poppy's babies. The pictures didn't come out as well as I'd like. I woke them from a nap and Poppy kept nudging my arm trying to get to her kittens. haha Next time I'll either take Poppy out or try a different room. Protective mommy. They are eating, sleeping, and growing right now. They are trying to scoot around on wobbly legs, but not too much going for 2 weeks old. :)

I'm also including an update on Drago. He is still available. If you are looking for a cuddling, sweet pet, he is perfect. Gorgeous red silver coat, it appears cream, but you can still see his classic pattern swirls. He will sit as your feet, look up, and wait for you to pick him up. He also likes to know what is going on and follows me around to "help" with dishes or picking up.

Zain is also now available as a pet. We were observing him for breeding but have decided he will make a better pet. He is quite independent and although he likes taking naps near you, he isn't much of a cuddler at this stage. Zain likes to play with anything that moves at this point. He has become best buddies with Dimitri from the last litter. ;) Dimitri is available for breeding.