Sunday, May 9, 2010

Penny is a Champion

Penny became a champion this weekend and made two finals as an Open. :) Our girl took Best Longhair and 2nd Best Cat All Breeds the last ring of the show. We are so proud of her and being only 8 months old!! We can't forget a big congratulations to Sibaris, her breeders.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Our new vet is wonderful! The kitten's spay/neuters went very well and recovering nicely. :) Dr. Judy was wonderful to spend time with us and talk about breeding issues. She gave us wonderful tips on their personalities and diet. I very much appreciate her coming from the breeding standpoint, as she use to show and breed Scottish Folds.

We also found out today that our Penny is the Best of Breed Kitten 2009-2010 for Region 3 in CFA!! She will have her picture shown at the awards banquet with all the other Bests, Champions, Premieres. :) Way to go Penny!