Wednesday, July 29, 2009

First Vaccinations

First Booster Shots - 8 Weeks Old

Angelo, Ana, Ali, and Ace








Everyone handled their first vaccinations like little champs! Angelo was the only one who gave out a surprised little yip. They all slept through the drive and in the carrier waiting for their turn.

Everyone keeps growing and displaying their own personalities. They are way too busy to be held, and get impatient with us if being held and they see their siblings racing around playing. They would rather be part of the play at this point. So, we resort to waiting until they are napping and get our pet fix. =)

Ajax and Angelo continue to be the bravest and most instigating kittens. The will jump out at anything and everything. Ali is their female consort. It was so difficult to get them to sit still to take proper pictures of them this go around. Hence, there are fewer photos and some not completely in focus. =)

Ace and Abby continue to be the more quiet kittens. They hang out together a lot and have similar personalities. They will play on their own terms, thank you very much. lol But, when they do, they are everywhere!

Alexi and Ana are very similar as well. Alexi is more reserved in his actions, as is Ana. But, Ana has been showing a bit more bold and assertive play side lately. She and Abby have shown a preference for the play toys that have balls they can bat around. Alexi has bursts of play time and then climbs up the condo to watch and nap.

All is well with the Brazeal Cats!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

7 weeks old

From left to right: Ana, Angelo, Ace, Ajax, Abby in back, Alexi in back corner, Ali in front.

Caesar playing with the kittens

Angelo taking a swipe at Ana

Angelo taking a swipe at Caesar


Ana and Alexi

Ana and Ace


Ali playing with Alexi's tail

Here's lookin' at you kid



Everyone is doing well and learning more and more. We have put a "big cat condo" in the kitten room now, since the babies are getting bigger and needing the climbing and jumping practice. The kittens are also learning to use the scratching posts on the bigger condo. The birthing box is officially out of the room.

The new hang out is the cubbie in the middle of the condo. The big cats like to visit more now, for longer visits, and will sit on the top rests and watch the little ones play down below. That doesn't stop the kittens from trying to grab their longer tails while swishing from up above.

All the kittens are weened, and eat the dry and wet kitten food. But, that's not to say they would turn down mom if she allows them to nurse. The kittens are also now big enough they are exploring mom's litter, and adapting from their corn litter.

All the kittens are quick, quick, quick, so I hope all the new owner's are ready for these little bundles! =)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Half way to their new homes...



Ajax and Angelo are partners in crime! Luckily, they are both going to the same new home!

Ace "Giorgi"


Ana considering a leap off the bed

Sweet Ana


Caesar with one of the kittens

Leo, our future stud. He is a black silver mackerel like the boys.

Shiva is such a handsome man! I wish we could have had one more litter with him.

Shiva giving Abby a bath, while Alexi gives his dad's tail a bath. =)

Shiva, Ajax, and Ace watching Abby after she made the leap!

The kittens are almost 7 weeks old now and will be going to their new homes before we know it! We will miss these little guys. They have been so much fun.

Everyone is still socializing with the "big" cats and running around like crazy. Wrestling is STILL their favorite game.

Some of the kitten's eyes are starting to turn to their adult color. So far, I've noticed a beautiful gold/green. They are getting their second round of worming medication today, and will go for their first vaccinations in a week! Some of the families that live near will be able to visit and meet their new babies after that. =)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Shiva showing Ali how to use the scratcher. Lots of cardboard debris was harmed in this lesson.

Shiva and Ace

Mom, Dad, and the kids on their first big outing outside their room.

Angelo being silly

Ana on the puppy pads while I'm trying to get new ones.

Handsome Alexi

Ajax running to momma in "the big room."

Ajax growing into a lap cat.

Ajax deciding the feather wand wasn't so bad after all.

Ace and Ali doing what they do best.

Abby and Ajax goofing off.

All the kittens are just little busy beavers. They are growing up so quickly. We have started letting the kittens out into the living room to acclimate to larger spaces, new things, etc. and all had a ball! Well, except for Ace and Abby who decided they were just fine in the kitten room with the doors open. lol They won't be able to fight the temptation to explore for long though. =)

The adult cats have been doing a wonderful job of starting to teach the little ones good cat behavior. Shiva has been playing with them, showing them how to use the cat scratcher, and giving them baths...and eating their food. Caesar has been showing them how to play with cat toys. We introduced a feather wand with a bell this week and the kittens didn't know what to do with it. They looked so curious, but afraid too! Ajax wanted to grab it, but when he got close, he would chicken out and back up. lol Angelo was the first to take hold of the trailing ribbon on the wand and chase it. After the older cats showed them how to bat at it, Ajax felt a bit more at ease and gave it a go.

The kittens are everywhere! They have really good running legs now. It is still the cutest thing ever to see them romping around and chasing each other. Wrestling is still their favorite thing to do!!!

All are eating well and growing. It's good to feel the hefty size when I pick them up.

Here is a breakdown of how each kitten's personality is developing:

Ajax: He is the lover. He runs to me when I come into the room, gets on his hinds legs of the french doors when he wants out and cries to you, and snuggles up and takes naps on my lap while I read. That's the sweet side. He also has a rascal side which means he is always out and about and busy! He also likes to eat. lol

Angelo: He is Ajax's partner in crime. He and Ajax are the first two out when someone comes in and you can usually find Angelo chasing someone and wrestling.

Alexi: He is the more reserved boy, and turning into a real beauty! He will wrestle and play, but he and Abby like to snuggle up or be in the mini condo climbing to the second floor. He is a real looker though!

Ace: This monster is the Sumo wrestler of the group! He is a really big boy. Ace is found either lounging with a "don't bother me, I'm relaxing" look, or going full tilt and chasing and wrestling anyone that is near. He likes to climb the mini condo on the outside to the top. His favorite sparring partner is Ali.

Ali: This little girl looks so angelic, but goodness does she scrap with the boys! She and Ace go at it, with their little tails straight up and backs arched, doing this round and round dance with each other until one strikes. Hilarious! As big as Ace is, Ali gives him a run for his money. She is very curious and is usually not too far behind Ajax when someone goes into the kitten room.

Abby: This girl is the quietest of the girls. She likes to play with the toys more than wrestle, but the others won't let her get away with it and force her to join whether she likes it or not. lol I think this is why she hangs around Alexi the most. He has more down time than the others. Abby is a sweet girl and you just want to cuddle her.

Ana: She is a nice mixture of Ali and Abby. Ana is very curious and likes to be in on the play fights, but she can also relax and just hang out and watch. But, when she decides to play, she's on full steam and wears herself out.