Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"D" Litter on the Cat Condo

I'm posting video of the kittens exploring the big cat condo. I was wondering when they were going to be bold enough to take it over from the adults and this past week was it. In one of the videos, you will see Caesar, Leo, and Karina on the condo with them and then give up. :) As you can tell, the kittens are after anything that moves or makes a noise, so Karina's tail swooshing was fair game.

Personality wise, all the kittens are growing into their own and much more assertive. Drago is still the most outgoing and comes up to you trilling when you enter a room to be picked up. Daisy is the next bold and is so nosy. That girl likes to know what is going on. Darren also calls her a little scrapper, as she will take one of her brothers on in a heart beat. Dante and Dulci are very similar, in that they are active, but not the leaders of the group. They play hard and are very sweet. Dimitri is still the most reserved and laid back, but will scrap too when jumped on. :) When they are all playing together, it is difficult to tell who is who. I caught them napping in one video, which spooked them, but you can see a little individual difference up close. That was the best way to get them in a shot close up. Otherwise, they are little monkeys and won't sit still for the camera. :)

Penny's little boy Zain is growing really well. He's a nice looking boy that I hope to get pictures of up soon. He is one week old and already growling when he smells an intruder! I've never heard a kitten so young growl, it was pretty amazing. lol He only did it twice after being woken up, but still...it was actually very cute.

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