Thursday, February 25, 2010

B Litter is Four Weeks Old!

This post has more pictures than ever! The kittens are walking around really well now and just growing up so fast! They are starting to show their own personalities...just a little. The torbie girl is very outgoing. One of the black silver girls is curious, and the other is quiet about her curiosity. lol It's hard to explain, but one just has a "quieter" presence about her at this time. Balthazar, the only boy, likes to do his own thing. He doesn't need his sisters around to explore, he just goes. lol They all are playful and we have started getting them use to having their bellies rubbed. Two of the older cats are great socializers for the kittens. You can see Uncle Caesar giving a couple of kittens a bath, mom watching them spread their wings, and Aunt Penny watching their every move sweetly. We will try wet food for the first time this weekend, and you know what comes next...litter training! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Relaxing watching the Olympics

Leo on the ledge

The kittens relaxed with us tonight and watched Apolo Ohno. :) I couldn't resist taking their pics. They were just so relaxed and sweet. Uncle Caesar came over and sat by me and two of the kittens in my lap, while momma took advantage of having sitters for the babies. Daddy Leo came over for a look as well.

Adult cat update: The adult cats like to climb to the top of our built in book shelves. There is a lot of room for them to play up there, but it also is very easy for them to walk onto the crown molding/ledge that runs part of the living room from the top of the shelves. They use these as their very own gym. Caesar even does dismounts from the ledge to the couch. I've added a picture of Leo hanging out on one of the corners of the ledge. They love this "cat walk." We had no idea we would be breeding when we got this house, but it is oddly well designed for cat play. :)

"B" Litter is Three Weeks Old

red silver boy

black silver torbie girl

black silver girl

black silver mackerel girl

The kittens are in the wobbly stage. They are trying out their new legs, but are on shaky ground. :) They are also entering one of the first awkward stages, I think, to take pictures. Not only is it difficult to get them to sit still and look in the direction you want, but their ears are starting to grow slightly and make the move toward the top of the head. As much as I would like to have the same number of pictures of each kitten, they all don't turn out for some reason or another.

Everyone is still growing and still behaving well. Karina is doing a really good job keeping them warm, fed, and happy. Nothing major in development of personalities yet, they are just still enjoying baby life with no worries. :) They are grooming themselves a little, and their strectches are just as sweet as a human baby!! I love having kittens around.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"B" Almost Two Weeks Old

Red Silver Classic Boy

Black Silver Classic Girl

Black Silver Classic Torbie

Black Silver Mackerel Girl

The kittens are all doing well. They still get fussy outside of the box unless we are holding them, so the photo shoots are not easy! They all have their eyes open and crawling around the box. They still like to sleep all cuddled up with each other and momma Karina is doing a great job!

Friday, February 5, 2010

B Litter is One Week Old

Here are pictures of our B litter with Karina. The babies are one week old today and have started to open their eyes. They are also starting to crawl a little more and can get from one side of the box to the other now easily. They are still a bit shaky, but definitely practicing using their little limbs. :) They have been such good babies so far! They do not cry and are gaining weight every day, just like they should. Karina is being a great mother, keeping her babies warm and happy. We have one black silver torbie girl, two black silver girls, and one red silver boy. I know one of the girls is a mackerel, but too early to tell the other patterns for sure. We will post more progress at two weeks old! Enjoy!