Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"D" Litte One Month Photos






The kittens are growing and getting more curious by the day. Solid food hasn't gone as great as expected, but most will nibble some wet food. Daisy and Drako seem more interested in biting the site of the water bowl than drink form it. ;) We will introduce small kibble today and hopefully that will help. We are starting to see differences in each kitten now and I'm curious to see if it holds or if some change. :) Here is our take so far:

Daisy~ bu far the most outgoing. She is the first at everything. She is vocal when she wants to be picked up and doesn't appear to be afraid of anything. Sweet and bold girl.

Drako ~ He is right behind Daisy to try new things and bold. He likes to be held as well. He isn't as vocal as Daisy, but is very curious. He's more reserved in his demeanor, whereas Daisy is really a "girlie" kitten.

Dante ~ He is not as curious as his siblings. He will play with them and follow along, but not really a leader himself so far. He doesn't mind being held, but is more skeptical than the others. He tends to hang back and let you pet him at this point. We'll see how he matures. :)

Dulcie ~ She is similar to Dante except she is vocal when she is unhappy or nervous. She didn't like th 'photo shoot' and the new environment. She was ready to get back to momma and the other kittens. :) Again, we will see how she matures too. It's still early and lots to learn and become. :)

Dimitri ~ He reminds me of a reserved Russian bear. lol He takes everything in stride. He isn't outgoing, but not at all shy either. He doesn't mind being held or carried. He took the photos in stride, but kept walking toward me and the camera to be close rather than stay where I could take his pic. lol

I have more pics of the kittens on flickr here. If you are one the new families or current followers, please friend us there. There has been a problem with people stealing breeder's pictures and creating scam websites. It has been a huge issue trying to edit AND watermark all the pictures, so I'm hoping to bypass and just allow 'friends' on flickr to view all photos. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"D" Litter One Month Old

The kittens will be a month old this Sunday. Daisy, the light silver female, was the first out of the box today. When my mother-in-law came into the kitten room and started talking to them, Daisy immedaitely started chatting/meowing to her and just looking up at her to be picked up. She kept encouraging her and Daisy decided to come get to my mother-in-law herself and made it out of the box! It was adorable!! I caught her this evening escaping again in the video below. Mom Karina wasn't happy about Daisy being out of the box yet and took her back in! :) Drago, the red silver male, is the next to show the most interest in leaving the box. I'm sure by next weekend, there will be little kittens running around the kitten room.

We will start the weening process this weekend. Hopefully, the kittens will take to wet food quickly. along with "real" food, comes time for litter training too! Fun times ahead. :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

"D" Litter Two Weeks & Three Day Videos

Well, Blogger did "updates" and wiped out my original post with these videos. I'm attempting to restore and give you an update on the kittens. :)

In the videos below it is bathing and dinner time. You can tell the kittens are starting to be more aware and learn new things. They are learning to groom themselves too, which is just too cute at this age! Right now, Daisy (lightest silver kitten) seems to be the most active. She was the first to walk around in the box and is already aware there is a world outside the box! She tries to stand on her hind legs, but is still too small and doesn't have the muscle strength yet to climb up. It won't be long though I'm sure. :) I'm hoping they will stay my little captives another week or two.

Karina is a wonderful mother and there really isn't much I need to do. We have started holding them every day to get them use to being held and the 'human' smell. Other than walking on wobbly legs, rolling around, learning to play with each other, not much else going on this week. Enjoy the videos!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"D" Litter Two Weeks Old

Here are the first pictures of our Easter 2011 kittens! Their eyes just opened this weekend. They are crawling around the box and it won't be long before they are strong enough to try and escape it. Karina is doing very well, she is a wonderful mother. She doesn't even need me around! Other than sleeping a lot, eating, and trying the legs out walking, nothing new with the babies.

They are all a variation of silver. One girl is a very light black silver torbie (patched) and the other girl is a darker black silver torbie. We have two black silver boys and one red silver boy.