Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kittens at play...

The kittens are very active little guys! They love the cat condos and it is great exercise for them!! I highly recommend investing in one of these. It gives them a chance to be high and has built in scratching posts. They love to relax on these too. In one of the videos, mom is trying to relax, but knows that is not going to happen with these guys around and takes off. Daddy Leo is also in one video. He is really good about playing with them. :) You can hear our pet Siberian Caesar trilling and trying to get my attention in the background too. lol There are three videos, so make sure to look for the tool bars. The black background makes it difficult to know there are three. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Growing up!

The kittens are all litter trained, eating solid and wet food, and playing like crazy! They are so cute running with their little bodies and prancing around. They like to play chase, so feather wands or a Da-bird toy will be much appreciated by them. :) We are really pleased with these little guys. They have started eating with our adults a raw diet at times. We found out this week that they have LARGE growls for kittens. lol They will have a little chick (sent to us frozen by RodentPro) and if one of their siblings approaches, they growl, like it's going to be taken away. HILARIOUS to watch. I actually got one of them on video growling and learning how to eat a chick. Their favorite toy is still the adult's tails. :) Caesar has started showing them how to play with trills and chase. He really likes kittens! Penny likes to watch them, but not get too involved. She and Karina just lounge in the middle of the room and watch the antics between Caesar and the kittens. They will be getting their first vaccinations soon!

This is one of the kittens who "stole" one of the adult cat's chick. You have to listen closely because of the feedback with the video to hear her growl when her brother comes to investigate her catch. I had to try and maneuver under the dining room table to get the shots. lol How do they know the best cover to protect their prey?! :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Penny's CFA Show

This was at the end of the show, the last judging of the day, and her 6th Final.

Penny had her first CFA show as a kitten today. She did really well and was so well behaved. She did get tired by the end of the day, but was still super sweet to the judges and anyone who came by to see her. There were six all breed judges and she made each judge's top ten kittens! Her highest at this show was 4th Best Kitten All Breeds. Way to go Penny! :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cat Condo Mastered

The kittens are just doing a lot of playing and growing up. They have mastered the cat condos and just climb to the top of them like it's something they've always done. The kittens are all pretty playful, not a huge difference in their personalities. Trix is probably the quietest and most unassuming of the kittens. But, she sure does like to spar with her brother!! Balthazar is a jumper and a climber, which is very common for this breed. They like high places. Baby and Tink are very friendly and are out and about playing most of the time.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trying out the new show digs...


Beatrix (Trix) and Balthazar

Baby and Batinka (Tink)

Baby and Tink getting a bath from momma Karina

The kittens are 6 weeks old and climbing, playing, running all over the place! :) They are so much fun to watch! After a long time of playing tonight, the kittens decided to rest in the new show pen. I have it out to let Penny and Leo get use to it, get the new smell off of it, etc. and the kittens just took to it too! It's been very chaotic around here with our own schedules, but I hope to try them out without the flash and in the photo tent this week.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Feather Wand

The kittens have become more and more active, so we decided to introduce the feather wand to see what would happen. At first, the kittens just watched in crouch mode. As Karina and Penny showed them how to play with it, Balthazar, Baby, and Batinka (Tink) decided to give it a go. :) Beatrix (Trix) decided to play in the nursery and didn't come out to the main room for the excitement. She has been playing with a little fur mouse, and may be more of a mouser. We shall see...

* Because we have a black background, you can only see the tool bar for the videos. Just press the play button on the bar and the video will start. :) *

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The kittens are starting to use the litter and eat solid food. Balthazar was the first to use the litter correctly AND to realize that water is for drinking. LOL One of his sisters kept trying to walk through it, and just couldn't understand why it felt so weird. Then she tried to walk off and shake her paw at the same time...without much success. :) The kittens have been exploring the living room area and have decided my rolled up mat for indoor cycling is a great "cave" to nap. Again, Balthazar, being a light coat color, ended up with black mat markings on his head. All I could do was laugh and shake my head.

Everyone is into playing and wrestling! They are fearless. They try to take on our adult male Caesar, their chunky mom, and even our sweet teenager Penny! It is hilarious. Thankfully, the adults are very patient with them. Penny is a mom in training for the fall, and she loves the kittens. She likes to sit in the box too. :) Although, the box is rapidly becoming their biggest escape endeavor. This box is taller than my previous birthing boxes, so it has taken them longer to leave the box after I put them back in for the night. Now, they are getting tall and strong enough to jump, grab hold of the top, and hang out on the ledge. Just a little more muscle power and they will be free agents in the nursery. Really glad they seem to be taking to the litter then. ;)