Sunday, October 9, 2011

Poppy's Litter 8 Weeks Old





The kittens are eating solid food quite well. They are very active but also sweethearts. Poppy is at the stage where she is trying to cut the apron strings, but they still love their momma and like to jump on her to try and get her to play. Emma is the worst about that. :) She is a little spitfire. she loves to play and always chasing and jumping on her brothers to play. Eton is the most outgoing boy. He is very curious and the first to come up to me when I'm in the kitten room. Ali and Emmitt are both sweet, but they fall in between outgoing Eton and super playful Emma. :) Eli and Emmitt weren't that happy for the photo shoot though. They look a little sullen, but are gorgeous boys. We will start letting them out into the main living area this next week and start introducing them to the other cats and being learning how to be a good cat.

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  1. They are stunning Julie, every one of them! What a great litter! Well done Poppy! xx