Sunday, October 23, 2011

Poppy's Litter 11 weeks

Emmitt and Emma

(she is a 'mackerel' pattern and you will be able to see stripes in her coat, whereas the boys have swirls 'classic' pattern)

(Eli and Eton have a very similar pattern 'classic' as Emmitt, just in their color)

(he has a gorgeous swirl pattern that I will try to capture sometime)

(he looks like he has a stripe pattern, but he is a classic pattern. However, it appears he is going to shade like his dad and as he gets older you won't be able to see a pattern, just black tippings)

My plan for a video post failed. the loading isn't working so I'll keep playing with that. In the meantime, here are pictures taken today of the kittens. They are getting more bold and playing a lot! Emmitt and Emma look so much like their mother, but Emmitt does has more of the "wild" look like his dad. Eli has become one of the most people social and just waits for me to pick him up now. Emma...not so much. lol She's fine being held but her natural instinct is still to run first. Then she purrs when you catch you and pet her. Silly girl. Etton has become the laid back one and purrs like crazy when being pet. Emmitt does too but he and Eli like to be scratched closer to their bums while Emma and Etton like it under their chin.

I made a miscalculation and thought the kittens we coming up on 12 weeks, but they are 11. We will take them in for their spay/neuter when they are 12 weeks instead of this week. So, the boys will be able to go to new homes Nov. 5 or after and Emma Nov. 7 or after. It will depend on her actual spay date. We keep girls a week after because they have a more difficult surgery than the boys.

I'll keep working on the video. Sorry about this! I know it's disappointing. :(

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