Friday, November 12, 2010

"C" Litter 12 Weeks

It's been a mad house around here with the little guys, and girl, having the run of the house. You really have to watch your step because they come zinging by so fast, you can land on your back if you aren't careful It seems like the team up and four come at once. lol

Everyone is doing really well. Yesterday was their spay/neuter visit and you would never know they had any kind of surgery by the way they are acting. They were playing with the feather wand and attaching the new scratcher they got while at the vet. There were a couple, like Cove and Clary, that it took a little longer for the lethargy to go away, but today, all are back to normal selves.

In the videos from yesterday, you will notice Crescent is the most bold of the kittens. I could see him as a mafia member, "You mess with my family, you mess with me." He knows what he wants and he goes after it. Last night, it was the feather wand. You can't really hear it in the videos, but when he had the feathers in his mouth trying to take it from me, he is growling. lol That is very normal for a Siberian. It's one reason they are described as being more dog-like. Crescent is for sure a character and a bundle of energy when not napping. He keep us laughing all the time. Curious beyond curious, another trait of the Siberian. This boy is an excellent example of what the Siberian personality is associated.

Castile and Clary are the next adventurous. Everyone gives Crescent the rights first, somehow, he just has dibs on anything they do. But, then these two come in and will or sneak attach another and the play brawl is on. It's hard to tell in these videos, because Clary actually had more procedure done than the boys in a spay, but she sure does want to tackle that wand if she felt better. Castile is back and forth. If Crescent or someone is monopolizing the play, he will go find something else to do, usually with Caster.

Cassian and Cove are the in between kittens. True middle children. They will defer to Crescent (they all do really), and don't seem to mind watching and waiting their turn. They have a calmer and quieter sense to them than the others, and reminds me of a tender hearted little boys. They loves to be cuddled and nap by their momma. In the video, Cove was still a bit more groggy than the others, but sweet is his middle name. Cassian was ready to play, and you will see him engaging more than Cove last night. But, both are pretty even when not recovering from a neuter. ;)

The kitten are going for their second booster shot this Monday. They will are start going home the end of the week. It sure will be quiet around here without them all. :(