Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Poppy's Litter Update

Working on video for you guys. :) The little guys are learning so much from Poppy right now. It's time to let them start learning from the other adults. Every morning Poppy meows at me through the glass doors letting me know she's ready for new food! She likes "fresh" food and the sound of it going into her bowl, not the kibble that has been out all night and perfectly fine for anyone else. lol The kittens have no idea why they are meowing too, but they look up at her and all chorus together with only Poppy knowing what's going on. It cracks us up!

They are playing like crazy! Each one is so gorgeous I have no idea how the families are going to choose. Each one has become more and more outgoing. Two escaped the kitten room the other day and I had to run after their waddling bodies. :)

Spay/neutering coming soon and I will be contacting the families when they can take their new kitten home. We are looking at the first week of November if all continues to go well. We will be allocating the kittens this weekend. so look for your emails. :)

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