Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pulheria is here from her long trip. She is a beautiful girl and very affectionate. She doesn't appear to be too shy and has already claimed one of the perches in the living room condo. lol Leo took a nap on the next perch over. Ali is still a bit stand off-ish, but will be fine now that the boys are OK with her. Caesar, our altered male, is the absolute best with new cats and kittens, so we introduced them first. If King Caesar accepts you, the others will follow. :) I think we will call her Penny, as Pulheria is a mouth full on a daily basis.

Karina is doing well and getting very big. She is about three-four weeks away, if we have calculated correctly. We will be getting the nursery ready again this weekend, and start stocking with all the kitten supplies needed. We are also going to redo the stud room. Our plans are to replace carpet with wood floors throughout the whole house and not just the nursery. :)

We hope everyone has had a safe and wonderful holiday! The New Year is just around the corner!

Friday, December 18, 2009

New Addition to the Family and Christmas News

We will be adding Pulheria Sibaris to our family later this month. She is a beautiful black golden mackerel from Sibaris Cattery. We especially would like to thank Arina and Alex for allowing us to adopt this little girl.

Karina seems to be "pinking", so hopes and prayers for beautiful, healthy kittens the end of January. This will be Leo's first litter and Karina's second. Karina turned out to be a really good mother, and seemed to enjoy her babies - all 7 of them. She was very much a natural!

Ali is growing nicely and very playful! She can cuddle up to you one minute then pounce at your feet the next. She's a very quick girl. :)

So far, the small Christmas tree we decided to put up, despite the cats, has survived and has not been knocked down once. A few wabbles here and there, but no full crashes. We decided this year not to put up the large tree, as Leo and Ali and very curious cats. I just had visions of one scaling the tree and having to redecorate every day, not to mention the weight of the tree. It just wasn't worth the hassle. But, the smaller one has worked out nicely. Ali likes to sleep under it, but the others are too big to fit. lol

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!