Thursday, July 8, 2010

MISC Updates

I apologize for the photos in advance. My "good" camera will not communicate with my computer and I am having the hardest time finding the right software online to reinstall!!! There is only so much an iphone camera can do. ;)

We have been keeping one of the kittens from the last litter longer than usual as his new family is on an extended vacation. So, I've taken some videos (below) of the little man for them in the meanwhile. He is such a sweetheart, we are really going to miss him. :) But, he will be going to a family with another Siberian from our breeder friends at Pendraig Siberians! I hope they will be great friends, but with the little guy, I don't think the other cat will have a chance. He's persistent and just adorable. He likes to curl up next to us, and I took a pic of him napping while I was reading.

Penny has taken to napping on the mantle above the fireplace. She is such a sweet girl, I can't help but pat her head every time I walk by. :) She, Caesar, and the little man decided to watch some early fireworks this past weekend through one of the windows. They were really interested in what the neighbors were doing. I was so surprised that Caesar wasn't growling at them. He is our lean, mean, guarding cat machine! They enjoyed watching at the window and just relaxed. :)