Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"C" Litter One Week and Four Days

Here is another video of the kittens taken this morning. All of them have their eyes open now, and should start hearing this next week. The second through fourth week of life is when the kittens bond with humans, so we are holding them daily. That's fun for us! About the video: Karina is a "head butting" cat. That is, she head butts you to get you to pet her or recognize her. lol You'll notice, I try to show you one of the kittens and she comes over and head butts it out of my hand.

I do have pictures, but as you know, the software that allows me to download those pictures disappeared on my computer. Bad news is Canon does not have the software on their website for me to download. Good news is they are sending me a new CD. So, I will be posting pictures of the kittens at a later date, but I will still include all their stages. The first week photos will get posted even if they are two weeks old by the time I get the CD. I apologize for the delays.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Karina's "C" Litter has arrived!

Karina has 5 boys and 1 girl!! She and Leo have two black silver mackerel boys, one black silver classic boy, one red silver classic boy, one red classic boy, and one black silver classic torbie girl. All are doing well, with nice weights, solid, chunky little bodies, and nice big heads. :) They are so cute to watch while they sleep, with all their little twitches and kitten sounds. I couldn't resist taking some video (2 videos below) during nap and feeding time, which is pretty much all that is on their calendar to do for a couple more weeks. ;) Enjoy!!