Saturday, January 30, 2010

Litter B

We have great news. Karina and Leo have four beautiful kittens born January 29, 2010! Still not certain on the patterns, but we do have two black silver girls, one black silver torbie girl, and one red silver boy. There may be three classic patterns and one mackerel, but still too early to tell for certain. I originally thought there were two girls and two boys, but with a closer look, it appears the females win out this litter. :)

I'll take their first pictures at one week old. Right now, all are eating, gained weight their first day, and sleeping a lot. All is well. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Caesar and Leo played out in the snow after this past blizzard in Oklahoma. Couldn't resist trying to make them look like the European Siberians that seem to have massive snow all the time. lol

We've worked on the nursery in preparation for Karina's litter. I've provided two different birthing "box" options, as I can't find an actual box large enough. So, we are trying a large laundry basket, and a large storage bin with warm towels for bedding. We will see which she chooses. :)

Pulheria is settled in nicely. We have decided to call her Penny, since she reminds us of the penny color of US currency. It took our girls a week to stop hissing at her, but today, Ali and Penny were taking a nap together under the bed. :) Karina is really not in the mood for any of the cats right now. lol She's just getting big and wants to watch everything going on and eat her birds. :)